#LOVEARMY – for Somalia

There’s a terrible drought happening in Somalia. Thousands of people have lost their livestock and any means to feed families. People are in desperate need for clean water and food relief to survive. In the Spring of 2017, a group of social media personalities, influencers, and athletes looked at what was happening in Somalia and wanted to do something to help. But right away they could see the scope of the crisis was far too big for their small group to make an impact. They needed to get a lot more people on their team. Uniting under the name Love Army for Somalia, they had a single goal: send an outpouring of love and support to people suffering from drought and famine in Somalia. Since March of 2017, 95,000 people have joined the movement, and gifts as small as $5 added up to a staggering $2.7 million! As a result, they were able to deliver 6 million liters of clean water and 1,300 tons of food to the hardest hit Somali families. 

In July of 2017, the Love Army developed a new way to help the Somali people, and we went to document it. With the help of the ARC, they selected a particularly at risk village and put the plan into action. They matched three donors with each family in the village and then sent money directly via cell phone. No middleman. 100% of donors $25/month goes to the families. This empowers the people and allows them to focus on their families most immediate needs (medicine, food, water, etc). To encourage the villagers to send something back, they distributed smartphones to selected individuals who act as the "village journalists," posting photos on a Facebook group. It's not too late to become a donor. Visit the GoFundMe page!  

On September 20th 2017, the Love Army presented what we had done in the village to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. They received an addition one-million dollars to help continue and scale the project.  


Client // Love Army
Photographer // Zach Doleac
Producer // Jerome Jarre