MOVEMENTS is a symphonic saga – in four parts (RAINBOW, STEELHEAD, MUSKY, STRIPER) – of three Alaska fishing guides who, following the close of the summer season, road trip their way home in a 2003 Dodge Caravan (best known as ‘Van-a White’ and for its lack of a reverse gear) from AK to NYC. From an Alaskan paradise to a literal Gomorrah in four short weeks – arriving in Time Square on Halloween night – MOVEMENTS is a stunning 14-minute showcase of what North America has to offer in terms of its diverse beauty and angling opportunities, and an invitation to rediscover where and why we fell in love with fly fishing in the first place.

Distributor // The Fly Fishing Film Tour
Client // YETI, Simms, Costa 
Director // Colin Scott
Producer // Zach Doleac
Producer // Tyler Wilkinson-Ray
Editor // Aidan Healy
Composer // Joaquin Gomez
DP // Nathan Corbin