ROLLING STONE – Cuba in the Age of Trump

On January 20th, 2017 – Trump's Inauguration Day – and the days following, locals in the streets of Havana spent their time searching for answers on what Donald Trump's presidency would mean for Cuba. Peaceful coexistence of the two countries? More democratic and economic opportunities for Cubans? A reinstitution of U.S. embargo policies that isolate the island? It's clear what the Cuban people want. “I’m comfortable with my life," Alberto Figueras, a manager of several rental properties in Havana, says. "But I wish I had the freedom of expression and the freedom to vote and do what I want – to say what I want."

Donald Trump is president. Fidel Castro is dead. Raúl Castro has announced his retirement in February 2018. We are at the tipping point of a diplomatic seesaw and only President Trump's actions – not his words – will determine which way it will all go. But until then, people will live and observe and express their hopes and their worries – collectively divided.   

Lauren Steele for Rolling Stone
Photographs by Zach Doleac