AT Wilder We tell stories. We tell stories that make you think, make you Feel, make you LAUGH, Make you dream, AND MAKE YOU ACT. It’s the sort of stuff you send to your grandma and your best friend. It’s what we love to do, and it's what keeps us up at night. 


The era of the mega agency is over. The Wilder Studio is a lean, dedicated team with a large, talented network. This means we can tailor our team to fit the scope of the project and you don't end up paying for our receptionist or our receptionist's receptionist. The end result is a clean line of communication to the creatives in the trenches, who are getting the job done.


We do it all at Wilder. We come up with ideas, write scripts, and handle all elements of production from casting to color grading. We have a talented roster of filmmakers, editors, writers, and photographers. We shoot all types of projects: documentaries, commercials, catalogs, music videos, and narratives. We're excited to make your idea come alive, whatever it may be.


Write us a haiku or invite us to your bachelorette party! 

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